BACCHUS Workshop at ICVS 2023


Computer vision systems for robots in agricultural applications and precision farming


Dr. Dimitrios Giakoumis (dgiakoum@iti.gr), Dr. Ioannis Mariolis (ymariolis@iti.gr), Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras (dimitrios.tzovaras@iti.gr)


Meeting Date: September 29, 2023

Meeting Facilitator: Dr. Dimitrios Giakoumis

Time: 9:20 AM – 12:00 PM

Venue: EI 9 Hlawka HS, Vienna


Robot vision is a branch of computer vision that focuses on enabling robots to perceive and understand their surroundings through visual information, addressing applications in various domains, including agriculture. Agriculture is a vital sector for human society, as it provides food, fiber, and bioenergy for the growing population. However, agriculture also faces many problems, such as labor shortage, environmental degradation, climate change, pest and disease outbreaks, and market fluctuations. To address these problems, smart agriculture has emerged as a paradigm that leverages advanced technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity, quality, and sustainability of agricultural production. Robot vision plays a key role in smart agriculture, as it can enable agricultural robots to perform various tasks autonomously and intelligently, such as crop monitoring, weed control, fruit harvesting, yield estimation, and disease detection. However, robot vision for agricultural applications also poses many challenges, such as the complexity and variability of natural scenes, the occlusion and deformation of objects of interest, the illumination and weather changes, the limited computational resources and power supply of robots, and the ethical and social implications of robot deployment. Therefore, there is a need for a scientific workshop that brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and backgrounds to exchange ideas, share experiences, present findings, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities for robot vision in agricultural applications. The main objectives of this workshop are:

• To provide a platform for showcasing the state-of-the-art research and development of robot vision for agricultural applications

• To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and networking among researchers and practitioners working on robot vision and smart agriculture

• To identify the current gaps and future directions for robot vision in agricultural applications

Workshop Program

9:20 AM – 9:25 AMIntroductionDimitrios Giakoumis
9:25 AM – 9:35AMRobot vision for grapes detection, mapping and harvesting; the BACCHUS project case.Dimitrios Giakoumis
9:35AM – 9:50AMAutonomous navigated agro-robots for real-time monitoring and detection of pests and 3D spot spraying.Ria Pechlivani
9:50 AM – 10:05 AMQuality and ripeness estimation of table grapes in supporting robotized harvesting operations: the CANOPIES project experience so farThomas Alessandro Ciarfuglia
10:05 AM – 10:20 AMRobot perception for automation in horticultureGrzegorz Cielniak
10:20 AM – 10:35 AMA semi-autonomous wool handling systemTimothy Patten
10:35 AM – 10:50 AMCoffee Break
10:50 AM – 11:05 AMBuilding autonomous spraying robots for steep vineyardsWalter Wohlkinger
11:05 AM – 11:20 AMFARMDOK Smart Farming – How farmers benefit from digital tools and satellite dataJohann Prankl
11:20 AM – 11:35 AMHow to bring arable robots to market readiness?Peter Riegler-Nurscher
11:35 AM – 11:55 AMInteractive discussion
11:55 AM – 12:00 PMConclusionsDimitrios Giakoumis

Project Coordinator
Prof. Zoe Doulgeri
Automation & Robotics Lab
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Thessaloniki 54124, Greece

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871704.

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